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19 JUNE, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. What is the role of Pratityasamutpada in explaining dukkha? Elucidate means to overcome it. (2015/15/200 words)


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  • karan

    Pratityasamutpada forms the basic foundation of the Buddhist philosophy. It is derived form the 2nd and the 3rd noble truth, further Buddha explains both Samsara and Nirvana using this causal wheel of twelve dependent links, also Kasinkvada,Niaratmavada, Sanghatvada etc logically follow it .

    Pratityasamutpada or the jana-marana chakra is the theory of dependent origination i.e everything in this world has a cause .
    “This being , that arises “
    It is the causal wheel made up of twelve dependent links, where multiplicity of causes are at play . The root cause being beginning less ignorance i.e avidya . The knowledge of this chakra is Nirvana while inability to know it is Samsara, which is full of sufferings i.e Dukkha . Death is only a new beginning .

    This vicious circle can be escaped only by removing ignorance . For this Buddha lays down the Astangika marga which is about training in wisdom, ethics and concentration. Only then a person can attain Nirvana, which is extinction of suffering not existence .