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19 MAY, 2017(MAINS)



Q1. The political ideology of Anarchism. (2012/12/200 words)


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  • Ashish

    Anarchism means absence of rules. Anarchism is an ideology which belief that political authority in the form of state is evil and unnecessary. Ararchists therefore aims to create a stateless society which will be free from every form of authority be it state or religion.
    According to them, state is evil because it possesses unlimited powers and largely perceived as coercive. They also consider state as unnecessary because order and harmony can arises naturally and spontaneously and should not be imposed from above. Following are the few characteristics of anarchism:-
    1. Rejection of authority of all forms, particularly political authority. It rejects the liberal notion that political authority arises from voluntary agreement. State makes the individual dependent on it and therefore deprives individual of their liberty and freedom.

    2. Opposition of religion. Anarchists criticized organised religion as it also represents authority. They believe religion acts as sub state which governs the life of individuals with its code of conduct and unwarranted rituals.

    3. Anarchism believes human beings by nature are co-operative but has been corrupted by the institutions of authority. They envisage stateless society with no private property and no organised religion. Hence, it will ensure freedom, humanism and fraternity among people.
    It seems anarchists have a narrow understanding of human behaviour. In primitive times our society was stateless. In the course of development of civilisation we institutionalised our society and polity for the benefits of all. However, no civilisation is perfect and the problems we face today will be resolved in future. Anarchist painted utopian and idealistic picture which is unrealistic in everyday life.