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20 MAY, 2017(MAINS)



Q1.  Do reason and faith go together? Discuss. (2015/10/200 words)


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  • Ashish

    It has been generally presumed that faith and reason are in conflict with each other. In reality, faith and reason work together seamlessly to help us understand the world and beyond in a better way.
    Faith and reason actually work very well together. In fact, faith is a prerequisite for reason. In order to reason about anything we must have faith that there are laws of logic which correctly prescribe the correct chain of reasoning. Since laws of logic cannot be observed with the senses, our confidence in them is a type of faith. Since reason would be impossible without logic, which stem from the faith, we have a very good reason for our faith: without our faith we could not reason.
    Though role of reason is secondary for getting religious knowledge, but its role is necessary. It is necessary for keeping blind faith from religion and attaching values to religion. Religion based terrorism is increasing due to negative impact of reason. Hence, reason and faith are not counter but complementary to each other.