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21 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Are G.E.Moore’s arguments in defense of common sense satisfactory? Give reasons. (2014/15)


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  • jaish

    G.E.Moore was the contemporary British philosopher. He has refuted Idealism and tried to defence common sense belief. Moore has given arguments in the favour of defence of common sense. In this regard he has put six arguments which are as universal acceptance of common sense belief, necessary compulsive acceptance, on the basis of sense experience, he defended common sense beliefs. Dreams and strong convictions are the also basis for the acceptance of common sense beliefs. Inconsistence will arise to our life, if we will not accept the common sense beliefs.

    *Although moore has defended the common sense beliefs but he never defined the common sense. Therefore, he used the common sense in uncommon way.
    *In fact, if common sense beliefs are accepted by moore as the self evident then there is no need to give arguments in the defence of common sense beliefs by the moore.
    *Many beliefs are dogmas and superstition which are liable to be rejected on the scientific ground in future.

    After refutation of idealism moore has defended common sense beliefs and reduces the complexities in the philosophical fields. I was also cleared the way for moore’s constructive realism and gave impetus to entire movement of british and American realism