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22 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Explain Sri Aurobindo’s conception of cosmic salvation through the spiritual salvation of the individual. (2013/10) 


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  • jaish

    The realisation of the supermind and establishment of the Divine life on the earth is the core of Sri-Aurobindo’s teachings. As per him, ‘man is a transitional being, he is not final’. According to Sri-Aurobindo, supreme reality is essentially one that is Brahman, the Divine and right positive expression is sachchidananda.

    For salvation, Sri-aurobindo has prescribed the exercise of integral yoga. Term yoga means ‘unions’ therefore yoga means realisation of the Divine. Integral yoga is the synthesis of all yoga. It is different from all yogas because basically another yogas strive for transcendental liberation but leave the world of samsara itself unchanged. Integral yoga seeks to transform the world, to actually divine matter itself. In such salvation, cosmic salvation is achieved through the spirited salvation of individual. With practice of Integral yoga, individual to become the supramental being by opening to and by receiving the supramental force. Such individual would then become the basis of a new society, culminates a Divine life on the earth.