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23 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. “One is not born the woman, but she becomes a woman. Critically comment on it. (2014/15)


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  • jaish

    Above statement is aptly told in the view of gender discrimination in the society. It is worst form of discrimination prevailed in our society. Biological difference between the male and female sex is a natural phenomena but ‘gender’ is the socio-cultural construct and it has become the basis of social inequality. It is found in the human world only and such discrimination is strongly desirable to eliminate from society.

    Gender discrimination is done in the form of female foeticide and denial of land and property rights to women and other discrimination which put them in disadvantageous position in society.
    Gender discrimination violates the ideals like equality and equal moral worth and it also harm the dignity of the women. Due to this discrimination, women are confined to four walls which are in turn made them economically not productive. They have no substantive say in the political field. Due to denial of the land and property, they are always vulnerable to the poverty and economical dependence.

    If we talk about the female foeticide, then it is the worst crime in the humanity and it is also the worst form of gender discrimination in the society. It shows the crime against the woman starts even before to their birth. Due to patriarchal society, it has also got the society sanction in many areas.

    As a matter of fact, for good and progressive society, justice and equality is must. In this regard, gender equality and justice to women is truly needed. There is need to challenge the social practices and cultural believes which make the boy child preferable to girl child. Women are to be empowered and women led development is to be envisioned. Effective control of misuse of technology to curb on the female foeticide is the need of the hour. Gender equality is to be achieved by giving equal entitlement in the land and property rights.
    It is said in the Koran that when a girl child took birth in a family, Allah come to the land to bless her.