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24 MAY, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Explain the nature of mysticism Hinduism and Islam. (2015/15/200 words)


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  • Ashish

    Mysticism is considered to be religious experience in the purest and concentrated form. Mystical experience is the deepest kind of religious experience. It is something which transcends our ordinary experience and that cannot be described in terms of our normal concepts and language.
    Nature of mysticism is generally considered similar in almost all religions and religious beliefs. There are some characteristics of mysticism which can be seen in both Islam and Hinduism. They are-
    1. Ultimate reality, whether it is called Allah or Brahman or Aatma cannot be grasped by thoughts or expressed in words. The reason Ultimate Reality cannot be grasped by thought or communicated in words is that thoughts and words create distinctions and varied interpretation which leads to duality.
    2. Mystics cannot define Ultimate Reality in words; they still use words to point to That which is beyond words. Ultimate Reality constitutes the true nature of everything, in itself it is nothing.
    3. When distinctions created by imagination are taken to be real—especially the distinction between ‘subject’ and ‘object’, ‘I’ and ‘other’, ‘self’ and ‘world’—we lose sight of the Ultimate Nature of Reality and fall into delusion. This is the cause of all our suffering.
    4. Truth of one’s identity with Ultimate Reality cannot be grasped by thought, all mystics testify that It can be realized or recognized through a Gnostic Awakening.
    5. All mystics agree that realizing our identity with this Ultimate Reality brings freedom from suffering and death.