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27 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. What are the basic differences between Gandhi and Ambedkar regarding caste discrimination? (2014/15)


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  • jaish

    Caste discrimination is the worst form of discrimination in the society. Although, Gandhijee and Ambedkar have opposed the caste discrimination but they have ideological difference on the concept of caste discrimination.
    Gandhijee’s views on caste discrimination:
    Gandhijee has criticised the caste discrimination and opposed it in any form. Unlike the Ambedkar, he has supported the varna system based on birth as well as given the economic arguments in the favour of varna system.
    For the caste discrimination, Gandhijee in the influence of Vedanta has maintained that there is only one ultimate reality and we are the part of that. Therefore it is illogical to discriminate on the basis of caste. According to Gandhijee, all varna members are performing their different works and worth of all works are same. Caste discrimination leads to the evils like untouchability.
    Ambedkar’s views on caste discrimination:
    Ambedkar has also opposed the caste discrimination in any form like Gandhijee but he has also opposed the varna system and given economical arguments against the varna system. As per Ambedkar, due to caste discrimination, hindu society becomes the divided society and it ends the dynamism of hindu society. Due to caste system, exploitation is done to the lower caste which is against the ideal of equality.

    For elimination of caste discrimination Gandhijee has given ideological arguments like we should give equal importance to task of every varna and physical as well as mental labour should be treated apart. And every individual must perform social and physical labour. But ambedkar has given some practical aspect to annihilate the caste system as well as caste system. According to him, caste system has root in hindu religious system, therefore religious root of caste system to be broken. He has also suggested that there should be one authentic text of Hinduism and it must be explained rationally. Post of religious functionaries should be filled by government and he has also suggested to promote inter-caste marriages and dinning together.