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29 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Explain Wittgenstein’s arguments against the possibility of private language.(2013/10)


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  • abhijeet solage

    The private language argument argues that a language understandable by only a single individual is incoherent, and was introduced by Ludwig Wittgenstein in his later work, especially in the Philosophical Investigations.The argument was central to philosophical discussion in the second half of the 20th century.
    if someone were to behave as if they understood a language which no-one else can make sense of, we might call this an example of a private language. Wittgenstein sets up a thought experiment in which someone is imagined to associate some recurrent sensation with a symbol by writing S in their calendar when the sensation occurs. Such a case would be a private language in the Wittgensteinian sense.

  • jaish

    The private language Argument is a philosophical arguments introduced by the Ludwig Wittgenstein, in whose sense, a private language must be in principle incapable of translation into an ordinary language. For example-it was to describe those inner experiences which are inaccessible to others.
    With the example of ‘Bettle in the box’ wittgenstien has described how we develop the private language. As per Wittgenstein, all the traditional philosophers have accepted private language to explain the concept like ‘external world, others etc.
    Later Wittgenstein has explained his language game by giving the example of private language. As per him, we should know the context of language rather than knowing its fixed meaning and in this way LW has eliminated the problem of solipsism also, which, of course was an offshoot of private language.
    Finally, later Wittgenstein shows that actually there was no problem of private language as such. This problem has emerged because we have become prisoner of some incorrect usage of language, when we start seeing them in their context then problem of private language will disappear.