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30 JULY, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Can we dissociate rights of citizens from their duties? (2012/12)


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  • kamal

    Rights are the justified claims of an individual which are accepted by the society and the state. Rights helps an individual to develop her true potential. In this sense ,it becomes all the more necessary that the execution of one person’s right do not impede on other person’s right.this perspective amplifies the need to necessarily link Rights with the duties.
    Rights and duties are one part of one organic whole.they are
    complementary to each other. They are like two sides of same coin.the gravity of duties can be understood from the fact that the indian constitution at the time of its commencement included only fundamental Rights , Fundamental duties were added only later on.
    Prof laski defines four aspects in which rights and duties are interrelated ,they are:
    ‌my right implies other’s duty to accept and protect it.
    ‌my rights implies my duty to accept similar rights of others.
    ‌my right implies my duty to promote social good
    ‌since state is the protector of My rights, I have duty towards my state..

    Gandhiji too accepted the complementarity of rights and duties.he said that “if we perform our duties well,rights will automatically flow”