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Q1. What is meant by democracy ? What are various forms of democratic governments ? (2013/15)


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  • jaish

    Democracy is a form of government and it can be defined in a limited and wider sense. In limited sense, democracy is defined as rule of the people, by the people and for the people. In this limited sense, institution and procedures of democracy have important role.
    In wider sense, democracy can be defined as a political system as well as a social system, economic and cultural system. When democracy is defined in a philosophical sense, then it is identical with the ideals like liberty, equality, fraternity, justice, tolerance and peaceful co-existence. As a matter of fact, democracy is the way of life. Philosophically, democracy is based on its substance not merely on institutions and procedures.
    Types of democracy:-
    1)Direct democracy-In this system, people rule directly and Rousseau was the great supporter of this system.
    2)Indirect democracy-In this system, people representative rule the people. In this, institution and procedure play vital role.
    It can be further split into two, that is Parliamentary and Presidential system. In parliamentary system, there is fusion of legislature and executive while in presidential system, there is separation of executive and legislature.
    As a matter of fact, democracy is better form of government in comparison with the theocracy and monarchy. In democracy, it promotes equality, liberty and justice and give maximum to develop the personality of the individuals.