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Q1. Involution is the precondition of Evolution’ . Explain the role of involution in the world process .(2012/15)

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  • jaish

    The central theme of Sri-Aurobindo’s vision is the evolution of human life into life of divine. Therefore, “man is a transitional being.He is not final”. According to Sri-Aurobindo, the supreme reality is Brahman, the divine.
    As per Sri-Aurobindo, reality is essentially one but the creation depends upon the two fold principle of unity and multiplicity. He conceives creation as a double process. That is Involution and Evolution.
    Involution is the pre condition of evolution:
    As Sri-Aurobindo said that reality is one but creation is two fold principle in which ‘involution’ play a vital role. Involution is firstly a descent of the spirit into worldly forms. The ‘sachchidananda’, through the supermind, descends into mind, life, and matter. It is the result of the self-concealment of the divine. Therefore, creation is the ‘plunge of the spirit into ignorance’.
    Role of involution in the world process:
    In the process of involution the divine descends from pure existence through the play of consciousness force and bliss and the creative medium of supermind into cosmic being. Ultimate reality is ‘sachchidananda’ and in short the universe is nothing but the power of Brahman manifesting itself.
    However, Involution or descent is not the end of process. The next phase is evolution or ascent which Sri-Aurobindo calls it “the siprit’s return to itself”. In this process of evolution, all existent constantly return to Brahman, the very source of their being. Therefore, in the process of creation not only involution but evolution also play important role and without involution, evolution is not possible.