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Q1. Can we say that racial supremacy is the main reason for genocide ? Give reasons for your answer. (2014/10)


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  • jaish

    Genocide is the worst form of mass violence which literally means killing a family or a tribe. It was coined by Ramphael lemkin. It is defined by him as mass killing of particular ethinic group but now a day, its wider definition has been accepted by the UN as killing directly or indirectly race as well as linguistic, religious and cultural group.
    We can say that racial supremacy is one of the main reason behind the genocide mass violence. Due to the racial supremacy, hatred and intolerant behaviour towards the other ethnic group is emerged which finally culminates into genocide. It is the result of ideological factor which history has also proved. In nazi Germany, anti-slavism reached its highest peak during the world war-2, when nazi Germany declared slavs to be sub-human. It is example of racial supremacy.
    Korea has occupied by Japan from 1910 to 1945 and during that time it suffered from the cultural genocide, which included the repression of the Korean languages.
    In fact, ideological factors like racial supremacy, liguisticetc are the majot reason behind the genocide but there are also reasons like psychological problems, some by nature enjoy killing, biological explanation and economic explanation by Marxists.
    To stop genocide, philosophical and theoretical arguments in support of racial supremacy should be banned. There should be national and international law that could readily control such violence. For stopping genocide, military intervention to be applied when time needed.