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Q1. Does accountability necessarily contribute to moral perfection? Offer your views. 2010 – 15 marks.

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  • Akshay

    Accountability is defined as one’s answerability for his/her actions and conduct. If accountability has a higher place in society/state then there is a higher stability and lower chaos in the society. It may be individual or collective. Ofcourse accountability needs a morality for its greater implementation. However accountability is a duty in a legal term. It has its own scope. Sometimes person is accountable for his act but may be he/she is not morally perfect. There is a force of law behind his/her accountability. We have the concept of Accountable State because we have accepted the rule of law. Thus here may be moral perfection is not necessary.
    But the broader term is responsibility. Responsibility may be legal or moral. As a citizen we have a legal responsibility to abide by law and constitution. But also as a citizen we have a moral responsibility to keep our environment clean. We can be held accountable for the present polluted environment by our next generation. But it is not necessary and no one can challenge it under the scope of law. However a responsible father will definitely be responsible for creating such environment for his children. Thus at the individual level one needs a moral perfection. Here the force behind one’s act is his/her morality.
    However accountability and responsibility does not have a watertight separation. Even the state has to be moral if it has to be accountable. As a democratic state, its government is hold accountable for act done by it. In India also, Council of Minister has collective accountability which is in a legal context while individual parliamentarians have an individual accountability which needs a moral perfection while performing their acts. For ex. The law and order disturbance in Maharashtra recently, destroyed a public property. Here state, citizens and non-state actors are accountable. But due to lack of morality, the accountability got diminished and the society lost its peace and stability for few days.