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06 OCTOBER, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. If caste discrimination has any continuity and hierarchy which principle of justice can dissolve this problem ? (2014/10)


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  • Akshay

    The two principles formulated by John Rawls in his theory can help to reduce the caste discrimination if it has any continuity and hierarchy.
    He proposed two principles: liberty principle and difference principle.
    For continuity of caste discrimination – the difference principle can be used to reduce its effect. Practically this leads to the emergence of welfare state. Thus state can take various affirmative actions for the weaker section of the society.
    For the hierarchy of caste – the liberty principle provides ideological justification for the capitalism, private property and market system. But all these things are regulated by the state.
    Rawls says that ‘justice is not an ethics of rewards but it is an ethics of redress’. Wherever the least advantaged sections exists we must go for preferential treatment.
    Society is like a chain. The strength of the chain is depends upon the strength of the weakest link.
    However this principle cannot completely remove the caste discrimination. For hierarchy we can use the Gandhian idea of Varna system to reduce the discrimination in the society.

    • JD

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