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08 OCTOBER, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. Discuss the limitations of verification theory. (2011/20)


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  • Akshay

    Logical positivist propounded the verification theory of meaning to eliminate metaphysics from the philosophy.
    According to A.J. Ayer, only that statement is meaningful if it is verified empirically and analytically. He classified verification in three groups:
    1. Practical and theoretical verification
    2. Strong and weak verification
    3. Direct and indirect verification

    • When A.J. Ayer initially accepts only weak verification, then Lazerowitz argued that weak can be used in relation with strong only. Without accepting strong, weak verification cannot be accepted.
    • Carnap argue that if only direct verification is accepted then all historical and scientific statements will be meaningless.
    • Sir Isaiah Berlin says that on the basis of Ayer’s criteria even metaphysical statements can be verified indirectly. This is an argument when Ayer verified the rain indirectly.
    • When Alonzo church propounded the formula by which any statement can be verified indirectly, A.J. Ayer himself accepted that the verification theory of meaning can’t be propounded undoubtedly.
    • Also it is non-sense to say that Metaphysics is Non-sense.
    • Logical positivist mentioned only sense experience it may lead to the meaninglessness of moral or aesthetic experience.
    • Ayer’s acceptance of strong verification leads to solipsism because verification is completely depends upon knower.
    However Ayer always tried to reform his mistakes after the objections from other philosophers. Thus this give the way for logical analysis in the field of philosophy in modern time.