Philosophy Booster Courses

This package consists of the following booster courses:

1. Epoche
2. Rapid Revision Course

Rapid Revision Course (RRC)

A complete self paced rapid revision program for Philosophy Optional with extensive discussions building on our Open Answer Writing Tips.

Epoche 2021-22

India’s Best Philosophy Quality Enrichment Programme including our most competitive & flagship programme “LIVE ANSWER WRITING SESSIONS (LAWS)”.

About Epoche

Unlock Your Full Potential to Score High in UPSC

It will impart a competitive edge by combining both Revisions + Writing practice wonderfully. It is intended to give you sharpening skills to your preparation and extract maximum output in minimum possible time.Such programs become more important in light of the fast changing trend of the exam. Of late, the nature of questions has substantially changed especially in the last two years.Now questions, though still simple, demand high conceptual clarity. The focus is on “Why & How ? “ but not on simply “What?”

Why Descartes establishes Cogito?– students simply write what is cogito & just elaborate his method of doubt

Why Vaishesika accepts Abhava as a category?– you write what is abhava , its types, etc. Again candidates miss the main demand of question i.e. “WHY”

“Spinoza overemphasis on oneness at the cost of manyness” . Examine

Does Kant end in epistemological skepticism?

Important Note

Epoche 2021-22 will start 1 week after PT’2021 (10th Oct). You may enroll for the course with RRC package now itself to give yourself more time to revise and work on your answer writing skills with RRC to make your foundation stronger. Later, you can accelerate your preparation with epoche on the foundations you have developed with RRC.


Epoche consists of 8 unit wise tests and 4 composite tests , each of 3 hrs duration strictly based on UPSC pattern.


Each test will be followed by discussion with model answer pointers with focus on making your answers stand out.

Personal Feedback

All test papers are evaluated in house by us and proper feedback with suggestions for improvement are provided.

Not just a test series

It also includes our most competitive & flagship programme “LIVE ANSWER WRITING SESSIONS (LAWS)”

How to write good answers in Philosophy


Whether you wish to join any of our booster courses or not, the following video will go a long way in enhancing your performance in Philosophy Optional Answer Writing.

In the video, Mitra Sir explains the nitty gritty of what it takes to make your answers stand out in Philosophy Optional of UPSC Mains.

About Rapid Revision Course

Key to success in IAS exam is all about two things – REVISIONS & WRITING PRACTICE.

Revision presupposes good content with you while writing practice requires conceptual clarity, approach of writing & logical development of answers.

This is where RRC will be your tested friend.

Contents of the Rapid Revision Course

(click on the ‘+’ signs to see details of each component)

Open Answer Writing Tips & PYQs

First you have to go through this open video to understand the various intricacies you need to take care of for writing good answers in UPSC mains and then, go through outlines of past year questions we have provided to understand the demand of the exam.

LAWS Sessions (2 rounds)

You will then be taken through discussions on various topics of the syllabus using Q&A format. This won’t just ensure coverage of the syllabus but also make you see the best possible ways to present your answers. There will be two rounds of LAWS in this RRC.

16 Sectional Tests (in 2 rounds of 8 tests each)

After each LAWS sessions set, you will be given tests covering the entire syllabus in 8 sectional tests.  You can then self evaluate and find any gaps in your answers using the video discussions of all the questions in these tests. There will be two rounds of 8 sectional tests each in this RRC.

2 Full Mock Tests (with evaluation)

After you have gone through the above process, you will be given 2 full mock tests to write which you can submit back to us for evaluation. Your copies will be returned to you with personalised feedback.

Supplementary Material

Several supplementary material to help you prepare the optional well will also be provided like bonus full length mocks for self practice, philosophy updates, etc

Complete syllabus is covered in the RRC program by way of discussion on 750+ questions framed according to the latest UPSC pattern. The discussion does not just review a topic’s concepts but also outlines the best way to present the answers. We have no qualms in saying that this self paced course will be a game changer for your optional marks.

The conceptual clarity, approach to teaching and intensive feedback truly makes studying at Mitra’s IAS a great bet. I thank Mitra Sir for the right guidance, personal attention and the amazing and inspiring way of teaching.

Athar Aamir (AIR-2)

I strongly believe that Mitra Sir’s methodology of teaching which emphasises on building a strong conceptual foundation of Philosophy is best suited to the current pattern of analytical questions.

Sanskriti Jain (AIR-11)

“This time I wrote answers like Mitra Sir had asked us to. In paper 2, I learnt to think and attempt more freely irrespective of any philosopher.Thanks to Mitra Sir for improving my score from 220+ to 306 marks.”

Juhi Jalota (AIR-122)

Various Plans

Rapid Revision Course

Answer Writing Tips, LAWS, A battery of sectional tests with video discussions and model answer pointers, 2 mock tests with evaluation, bonus material.

Epoche 2021-22

8 sectional tests, 4 full length mocks, evalutaion and personal feedback on all tests accompanied by live discussions, Live Answer Writing Sessions (LAWS)

Booster Courses Combo

This is a discounted package consisitng of both the Rapid Revision Package and Epoche 2021-22. Overall coverage in these two courses is sufficient to ensure a high score.

Pricing for Old Students

While making payment, please ensure to use the same email address with which you were enrolled with us earlier.