Essay, Answer Writing & Ethics SuperCourses


The educational packages mentioned below can last from 3 to 6 weeks depending on the package you choose.

At the end of this experience, you will have learnt not only about Essay and Answer Writing, but also gained a solid foundation for Ethics and a pefect orientation towards the UPSC Examination.

The MasterClasses will include live exercise, Q&A sessions and insightful discussions about various topics.Your assignments and writing samples will be subjected to extensive feedback and analysis.

Attention ! Limited  Seats

Since, the courses involve personal attention and evaluations, we can only take in a limited number of students in these packages. If you intend to join, then we would urge you to book any of these programs asap as enrolments to the various plans on this page will stop when we reach our maximum student capacity.


Educational Packages

Ensure a high score in 500 marks of the UPSC Mains Exam.

Important Note : You may attend the Ethics Classes either online or offline (Delhi / Jaipur). However, the offline classes at Delhi/Jaipur will be subject to govt regulations in light of COVID-19 regulations prevalent at that time. 

Disclaimer Mr Ravi Kapoor has no financial or commercial involvement with Mitra’s IAS and the course herein. The video lectures are based on his book and have been contributed Pro Bono for educational purposes only.

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Core Contents of Essay Courses

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Decision matrix

You will learn to choose topics objectively and scientifically with the help of our unique and simple technique called decision matrix.

innovative video lectures

The complete EsselGo Technique of the essay building process has been lucidly explained using video lectures step by step.

Skill reinforcement exercises

The lectures are supplemented by innovative review exercises that will help you solidify the concepts learnt.


A battery of assignemnts to help you master the art of writing introductions, body and conclusions separately before you embark on writing complete essays.

Full mock

Full mocks with evaluation and personalised feedback (number of mocks depends on plan that you choose) to ensure you master every building block and the complete process.


You will learn so as to how to break / deconstruct a topic into its various ‘components’ with lucid explanations given in video lectures and practise with exercises


You are taught several  innovative ways and cheat codes to come up with relevant keywords and ideas to set foundations for a high quality content rich essay.


First impression is the last impression and accordingly, we have innovative techniques and dedicated assignments exclusively for writing introductions.

Body of the essay

You are empowered with another powerful tool of the EsselGo technique called ‘BeGInS’ to write a structured and high scoring body for your essay.


The concluding lines of your essay have to be impactful and our simple tools and cheat codes for the same will ensure an ending with a lasting impression and high marks

Writing skills

You don’t need high literary skills and vocabulary to write a good essay. We demolish these myths and empower you with easy ways to master effective writing skills.

how to use facts

A special lecture on how to use a hack to use authentic facts in your essay quite easily, without a need to memorise copious amounts of data. Impress the examiner and gain away those extra marks…

hacks & cheat codes

Almost all the steps of the EsselGo technique are replete with very effective cheat codes which make seemingly complex tasks a breeze for you !

PYQ Analysis

A theme based compilation of hundreds of past year essay questions to help you analyse the pattern and practise with real exam questions.

smart review

Smart ways and cheat codes to review your essay and remove any lacunae has also been explained to help you give your essay a polished look and feel.

Course Walkthrough and Overview

by Ravi Kapoor (IRS)

Experience of students of first batch

This course is really an eye opener for me. Its a strictly No-Nonsense kind of course . Its fluid and Extremely easy to grasp . Regular practice with small assignments is the beauty of this course. With every small step my confidence got boosted . Short and Simplified classes , Lucid language, and focus on critical thinking takes it to another level. Its designed not just for Essay only , but is helpful in GS also. Thanks a lot Ravi sir and Mitra sir for this awesome experience.

Suraj Narayan

The course gave me insights which were difficult to impart by usual teaching-learning method . It explores our mind, pushes us to think beyond. Starting from nothing ,it delves to acquire near-completion . Its much beyond UPSC . Masterclasses have been very nicely structured , it enriches our thought process and instills an element of confidence and hope in the vast ocean of challenges . THANK YOU RAVI SIR

Vipul Jain

This course is just like hitting straight at the bull's eye. To the point and precise. It has helped me structure my essay more elegantly and organically . It has transformed my essay to look more analytical rather than mechanical by use of certain tricks and methods. More than anything , it has made me confident of writing better essays that suits the needs of UPSC. It was also instrumental in helping me structure my GS answers too. I was overwhelmed to know that Mitra sir himself oversees the copies and provides able guidance individually. It was indeed a great experience.

Durga Prasad Adhikary

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