NCERT Tests & Revision Question Banks

Even in ever changing dynamic pattern of UPSC PT, one thing remains constant : the NCERTs. This course is designed to give you an edge over your NCERT coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage




Covers all the NCERTs from 6th to 12th across all subjects relevant to UPSC

How it Works

The Course is divided into 6 sections:

  1. History
  2. Polity
  3. Economy
  4. Geography
  5. Science
  6. Environment

Sectional Coverage

Each section covers tests based on all the relevant NCERTs specific to that section. For e.g., Geography has 9 NCERTs and accordingly the section contains 9 tests.


Environment section is spread over many NCERTs and accordingly, this section has tests from all the relevant chapters from geography, biology and chemistry.

Question Bank

Each section has question bank wherein questions from all the tests can be taken 10 at a time for quick revision anytime, especially through our android / apple apps.

Unlimited Attempts

These tests are more of a revision tool and both the tests and the question banks can be attempted unlimited number of times through our webiste or the apps.

Tens of thousands of aspirants miss PT by 1-3 marks every year. A good NCERT coverage can ensure you clear PT way ahead of the cutoff.


Once enrolled, the tests can also be taken on our Android / Apple Apps