If there is one skill you need to learn to clear UPSC, it is Answer writing skill!

GS LAWS is live answer writing sessions for UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam 2023 and 2024. A high score in Mains can guarantee a final rank, irrespective of your score in the interview. Thus, it is crucial to master the art of answer writing to clear the CivilServices Exam. 

To help aspirants overcome this hurdle, we are proud to present our Daily Answer Writing Program cum Mains Test Series.



Pain Points

Pleasure Points

Time Management:

Candidates struggle to manage their time effectively,resulting in incomplete or poorly written answers.

Specific focus on time management as 7 minutes are allotted for 10 marker and 11 minutes for a 15 marker question within a brief time span of one hour

Knowledge Deficit:

Candidates lack sufficient knowledge & preparation, thus struggle to understand the question and present their answers coherently.

After the Test Discussion, Teacher’s crisp handouts /optimized answers will be provided in the PDF format in your portal.

Answer Structure:

Candidates fail to structure their answers properly, making it difficult for the examiner to understand their thought process.

Reality Check:

With daily guided study, students will be able to know their strength and weakness.

Anxiety & Stress:

Candidates experience anxiety and stress during the exam, which can impair their ability to think clearly and express their thoughts effectively in writing.

The intensity and sincerity an aspirant brings on the table of preparation is what distinguishes a successful student from others.

Program Deliverables
Our GS-LAWS Program cum Mains Test Series provides aspirants with the following deliverables:

  1. GS-LAWS: Daily min 7-10 questions for in-class answer writing practice for 5 days/week.
  2. FLT (8 Full-Length Tests): To simulate the actual exam with detailed feedback and prepare you for the final battle.
  3. Discussion Classes: LAWS followed by a 2-way conversation-based approach of answer discussion [active generation of points]. It includes standard template formation along with covering the theme of the question, thus ensuring comprehensive coverage of all topics relevant to UPSC Mains preparation, along with the creation of niche content.
  4. Mentorship: Personalised attention and guidance to maintain accountability and improvement plan based on the performance analysis. It includes a tailor-made strategy based on the candidate’s level of preparation and strength-weakness.
  5. Topper’s Copy: Best answer copies to facilitate peer-to-peer learning.
  6. Evaluation: To realign one’s writing skills to the demand of the UPSC examination.
Why to opt for this course ?
  1. Development of writing skills: Applying what is learned.
  2. Build aptitude and proclivity to write, so much so that one can write unremittingly for 8 hours. 
  3. Timely and early completion of the syllabus — Concept classes and value addition on topics lacking comprehensive material.
  4. Value addition beyond common sources.
  5. Discipline and accountability-based writing.
  6. Proper evaluation with detailed feedback.
  7. Revision.
Who should enrol in this course?
  1. Freshers: Who have at least knowledge of basic foundation and at least wrote more than 15-20 answers.
  2. Mains Preparation: It will help devise a perfect comprehensive strategy for mains preparation in the shortest time possible without compromising on quality. 
  3. Rank Improvement: Candidates who have secured a rank but are looking for rank improvement and course revision.
  4. Lack of Notes and study material: GS-LAWS ensure complete coverage of the static syllabus through questions and comprehensive discussion.
  5. Answer Quality Enrichment:  Content enrichment by specific arguments and keywords.
Differential factors w.r.t. other similar programs

Our program stands out from other similar programs in the following ways: 

  1. Syllabus Coverage: Step-wise micro to macro syllabus coverage.
  2. Concept Classes: a] Coverage of themes; b] Preparation and Enrichment of content; c] Decoding science behind answer writing; d] Templates creation to save time and write with clarity of thought with minimum error. 
  3. Personalised Attention: Our program provides aspirants with personalised attention.
  4. Inter-linking of LAWS and FLT: Disciplined based comprehensive approach of Answer writing which ensures no gaps in the preparation.
  5. Evaluation: 2-3 days evaluation, unlike 12-15 days at other places.
  6. Performance Analysis and Improvement Plan 
    • Stand Out from the Crowd: Our program goes beyond the regular test series and offers a comprehensive approach that focuses on answer writing and provides in-depth discussions and evaluations to help you excel.
    • Daily Engagement, Rapid Progress: With 7-10 thought-provoking questions every day for 5 days a week, you’ll immerse yourself in the art of answer writing and build your skills at an accelerated pace. No more waiting for weekly tests to gauge your progress!

    • Personalized Guidance: Our comprehensive discussion classes after answer writing sessions are designed to provide you with valuable feedback and insights. Our experienced mentors will help you analyze your answer structure, identify knowledge gaps, and provide strategies for improvement.

    • Exhaustive Coverage of Syllabus: Our meticulously designed program ensures the comprehensive completion of both micro and macro aspects of the UPSC mains syllabus. You can be confident that no topic will be left untouched, giving you a holistic understanding of the subject matter.

    • Master Time Management: We understand the importance of time management in the UPSC mains examination. Our program will equip you with valuable skills to optimise your writing speed and ensure that you can complete the paper within the allocated time.

    • Learn from the Best: Our team of experts will guide you throughout the program. Benefit from their wealth of knowledge, insider tips, and effective strategies to enhance your performance.

    • Realize Your Potential: Unlock your true potential and transform into a confident and proficient answer writer. Our program aims to help you develop the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to excel in the UPSC mains examination.

Don’t settle for ordinary test series. Join our Live Answer Writing Batch and experience a game-changing approach that sets you apart from the rest. Limited seats are available, so enrol now to secure your spot!

For both 2023 and 2024 Aspirants

The program is designed for the upcoming 2023 mains. However, 2024 aspirants can also join now for an early start. They can attend whichever sessions suit them according to their comfort with the syllabus in the 2023 batch and then carry on for comprehensive coverage in the next batch of GS LAWS+ (starting after mains 2023) without paying any additional fee. This way 2024 aspirants can do the course twice at the cost of one.



Regular Test Series

Answer writing practice:

Daily practice with 7–10 questions for 5 days a week

Weekly or biweekly tests

Discussion classes:

In depth 1.5 hour discussion classes after answered writing sessions

Limited or no discussions

Syllabus coverage:

Comprehensive completion of the entire GS mains syllabus

Focuses on test based coverage

Personalised guidance:

Personalised feedback and evaluation by experience mentors with customised mentorship

Limited individual attention with 'one size fits all' approach

Time management skills:

Proven strategies to enhance time management for the main examination

Not specifically emphasised

Subject matter mastery:

Detailed discussions to fill knowledge gaps and enhance understanding

Time based assessment

Progress assessment:

Daily practice and continuous evaluation to monitor progress

Weekly or biweekly progress checks

Confidence building:

Encouraging and supportive learning environment boost confidence

Limited interaction and support

Limited seats availability:

Limited seats available, ensuring focused attention and interaction

Availability subject to batch size

Our daily answer writing classes (GS-LAWS+) provide a unique and comprehensive approach to help you excel in the UPSC mains examination. With a focus on regular practice, personalized guidance, and in-depth discussions, our program aims to enhance your answer writing skills, knowledge, and confidence. Enrol now to secure your spot and experience the difference!

Answer Writing Schedule

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Fee : 27,500/-

You can make the payment for the course by scanning the QR CODE given below and making a payment for ₹ 27,500/- . Once you make the payment, call our office during working hours for information related to your enrolment in the program: