one stop solution for complete IAS preparation

A to Z of IAS Preparation
This is our ultimate all-in-one IAS preparation program with nothing else needed outside this program for a complete and thorough IAS preparation from PT to Interview.

Coverage of PT, Mains and Interview
  • The program is aimed at providing comprehensive guidance, coaching & mentoring to students in all aspects of the IAS exam – the preliminary, mains, and interview stages.
  • Course consists of complete GS, CSAT , Essay , current affairs and Optional subject.
Lectures with Tests and LAWS

The classroom program typically includes lectures, LAWS (live answer writing sessions- on-the-spot questions and feedback), tests followed by personal feedback, guest lectures, workshops, and practice sessions

Experienced Faculty

The course is led by experienced and qualified teachers and experts in the field under the overall guidance of Mitra sir.

One year comprehensive program

The classroom program is typically conducted over almost one year. Students are expected to attend classes regularly and complete assignments and tests to assess their progress. The program also includes mock exams and interview sessions to help students prepare for the actual IAS exam and personal grooming. 

Overall, it is an effective way for students to prepare for the IAS exam, but it requires a significant investment of time, effort, and resources.

Our Strategy

Big Picture Formation

Our approach to IAS preparation is to provide a holistic learning experience that encompasses first of all BPF ( Big Picture Formation) followed by detailed discussion

Strong foundation with overarching themes

We believe that it is important to have a solid understanding of the overarching concepts and themes before diving into the specific details of the subject. This ensures that our students have a strong foundation upon which to build their knowledge and skills.

Dedicated Answer Writing Skill Development

In addition to this, we also focus on developing our students’ answer-writing skills. This is a crucial aspect of the IAS exam as it requires candidates to be able to articulate well.

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Course Curriculum

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