Mentorship Program

A Basic Overview

Salient Features

The course is meant for anyone who wants to prepare by themselves under right guidance
Due to various reasons, many aspirants can’t join coaching or plainly, just want to prepare by themselves but are in need of a guiding light to show them the right way. 

Moreover, students who end up joining coachings with class strength of 300+ also find it difficult to get personal guidance.

If you identify with any of these situations, then this mentorship program is for you!

Mentoring is done by experienced, professional and competent mentors

Diagnostic Analysis with Mentors

You undergo a one-to-one interaction with our mentors to assess your situation, time availability, strengths/weaknesses and our mentors accordingly frame a comprehensive study plan and tests schedule tailor-made for you:

1. Entire syllabus will be broken into smaller modules.

2. Each module will have well defined time in which it has to be finished.

3. Once one module is done, then candidates will be examined through tests ( PT and Mains ) to see to what extent they are comfortable with the module. If required they will be further pursued to make it rock solid. 

 4. Similarly the whole syllabus would be covered module wise, along with the evaluation process so that the candidate is fully prepared at the end of the syllabus.

5. Entire preparation will be an organic process. There won’t be conflict or duplication between PT and Mains segments.

Rigorous Ongoing Testing (PT+Mains)
The study plan will also consist of PT and Mains Sectional Tests which are designed to help you revise and consolidate your preparation and are interspersed throughout the program as you complete various parts of the syllabus. The PT tests come packed with mind maps, flash cards, strategic analyses and other learning tools. The personal feedback we provide on these tests will help you gauge if your preparation is on the right track and also see if your writing skills for mains are upto the mark.

Answer Writing Skill Development Sessions

Say goodbye to random answer writing practice on various sites without getting a proper feedback. In this course, you undergo a rigorous and regular guided answer writing skill development program with proper feedback from mentors.

We take a Multi-Dimensional approach here. We realise that the development of answer writing skills is the single most important ingredient for securing a selection and high rank in IAS exam and have accordingly included a rigorous and regular curriculum for it in our mentorship program:


Your study plan will be interspersed with sectional mains tests based on the coverage of your syllabus. You will be provided with evaluated copies with feedback on areas that you need to improve and work upon.


You will be given questions to write answers on every week. You will get feedback on these and a live session with your mentor on weekend on model answers and associated current affairs. This will ensure continuous improvement in your answer writing skills.


Later, multiple full-length mocks will be held for each of the four GS papers to give you the actual feel of the exam. It’s our experience that if you have worked hard with sectional tests and weekly sessions, you will do well on these tests and your confidence to do well in actual mains will soar.


Last but not the least, the essay paper plays a very crucial role in your mains score and accordingly, we have built into this program a series of essay tests with detailed personalised feedback and tips to improve your essay writing skills.

PS : Evaluation/Discussion of answer sheets will be done in front of students by the mentors for real time feedback and suggestions for improvement.
Personal Attention

Even if you have joined a coaching, with 300-500+ students in a batch, it’s hardly possible to get personal attention. This program on the other hand ensures that you get personal guidance from start to finish throughout your preparation.

In-built PT Test Series

You don’t need to join another PT test series as we have a complete PT test series (both sectional and full-length) built into this program.

In-built GS Mains Test Series

You also won’t need to join any mains test series as a battery of sectional and full-length mocks are already built into this program and it’s better than any other test series as it comes with personal feedback from mentors.

Option to join Foundation Classes

We sincerely believe that if you work sincerely with this MGSSP program, you will come out with flying colours. However, if at any point you feel the need, you may join our GS Classes as well by paying the balance amount.

A to Z of Preparation

From PT to Mains to Interview, you will have constant mentorship from studying, strategising, tests and feedback. We have taken care of every nook and corner of your preparation for this program. You will find that you won’t be needing anything else to ace the exam.


Will it work for working professionals ?
Yes. The biggest issue with them is aligning preparation with their jobs. They need to strike a balance between aspiration and need for the job. Our mentorship prog would fill this gap. We will make a customised plan for them in such a way that the entire syllabus would be covered in a very progressive way without becoming burdensome for them.

How will it help final year students ?
Our mentors will assess your time availability for preparing for IAS and also factor in if your college studies can be helpful in some parts of the preparation. A plan will be framed for you accordingly to help you prepare along with your college studies.

Will it also help those who have joined GS Coaching Classes elsewhere ?

With batch strength of 300-600 in “top institutes”, it’s hardly possible to get any personal attention regarding your preparation. Joining this course will help you get that missing personalised attention and there won’t be any need to join additional test series et al.

Do students need to explore content on their own or books will be recommended ?

Not at all! Each and everything that you need to study from static aspects to current affairs for the exam will be planned for you by our mentors to help you prepare not only optimally but also effectively.

How many tests will be conducted in the program ?

Including both PT and Mains sectional and full-length tests, there would be 100+ tests for every participant of this program. However, this number is not fixed and the mentor may increase the tests for a particular candidate if there is a need for the same.

Can I talk to the mentors before deciding to join this program ?

Of course. If you want a detailed one-to-one discussion with one of our mentors about this program, then schedule an appointment by clicking on ‘Schedule Online Appointment’ in the ‘contact us’ widget on the bottom right of this site.

Where can I write the mains tests and how will I get feedback ?

You can write the tests OFFLINE at Mitra’s IAS, Pusa Road anytime between 9 AM to 5 PM. For ONLINE tests, one can write it in the comfort of their home and send it by email after scanning. Standard Model Answers will be provided after each test. It also includes an answer writing approach and structure for every answer. Best Copies of students will also be shared for every test so that students can judge their standing in the tests.

How can I be in touch with mentors during this program ?

The one-to-one mentorship facility (for both offline/online students) can be availed by the students after an email/phone request through a telephone call at a time convenient to both of them. You will be briefed about all such nitty gritty of the various processes in your initial orientation.

How can I enrol myself in this program ?

Just click on the ‘enrol now’ button below to make the payment. While making the payment, you will need to enter your email and phone number. Once your payment goes through, you will be contacted by us to fix a time for orientation and a meeting with one of our mentors on the contact details you have provided while paying.


The customised nature of this course makes it ideal for aspirants in varying situations.

Enrol Now

We offer two payment plans for our mentorship programs

Monthly Payment

You can join our monthly subscription based plan @3999/- per month

Annual Payment

Or you can opt for the discounted annual plan @43,000/- per year

You can make the payment for any of the plans above by entering the corresponding amount mentioned above by scanning the QR CODE given below. Once you make the payment, call our office during working hours for information related to your enrolment in the program:

Drop us a line to get the conversation started.

For any query, write to us using anyone of the contact channels given in the ‘contact us’ widget on the bottom right of this site.


If you want a detailed one to one discussion with one of our mentors about this program, then schedule an appointment by clicking on ‘Schedule Online Appointment’ in the same ‘contact us’ widget.


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