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                               Strategic Guidelines 


For many IAS  is the dream career. It is the most prestigious services of our country . It is the highest platform for the policy formulation and implementation. So as to realize your childhood dream you should nurture it with proper planning , strategy and hard work . Above all a candidate should also have an instinct to contribute to the society , an instinct to make some qualitative difference in the lives of people . It is my firm belief that it is not merely “ 10 – 5” job , rather it is “round the clock”




One of the most crucial and indeed most sensitive and difficult decision is regarding the selection of optional subjects which has been further increased in “New” pattern of IAS main examination.

The most often frequently asked question is – “Which optional subject should I choose.” This question like any other important question does not have a simple answer. Different  people give different advice depending on their own experience.

Generally main guiding factors which influences an aspirant are – interest ,  academic background , short syllabus ,  scoring nature ,