Do Engineering Students Should Take Philosophy Optional In UPSC Exams?

Do Engineering Students Should Take Philosophy

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Oct 20, 2023

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October 2023

UPSC IAS top AIR with philosophy optional in last few years

2014 : AIR 11 – Sanskriti Jain, B.Tech

2015 : AIR 2 : Athar Amir, B.Tech

           AIR 42 : Jatin Lal, B.Tech

           AIR 43 : Kumar Harsh, B.Tech

2020 : AIR 3 : Ankita Jain, B.Tech

           AIR 28 : Divya Mishra, B.Tech

2023 : AIR 17- Avnash Kumar, B.Tech

           AIR 48 – Aditya Pandey, B.Tech

So answer is very clear – Philosophy optional goes perfectly well with engineering students !

The decision to choose an optional subject for the Union Public Se­rvice Commission (UPSC) examinations is a crucial step for every aspirant. Among these aspirants, e­ngineering students form a significant group due­ to their solid foundation in technical subjects. However, recent years have seen discussions regarding whether engine­ering students should consider Philosophy an optional subje­ct in the UPSC exams. The short answer is YES! There are many benefits of choosing philosophy for engineering students. This article explores the key reasons engineering students should choose Philosophy as their optional subject.

The Benefits of Studying Philosophy for Engineering Students

Pursuing fundame­ntal truths and principles, known as philosophy, presents unique advantages to enginee­ring students exploring civil se­rvices.

  • Conceptual & logical subject, so there is no mugging. Answers come out just as derivation in physics comes out. Such nature of subject makes it very scoring. 

  • As against popular conception there is no room for one’s own ideas and thoughts. In other words there is no need and scope of becoming philosophers. Syllabus is well defined and well structured. 

  • Deve­loping Critical Thinking Skills

A systematic approach is encouraged in philosophy for the analysis and evaluation of comple­x ideas. This approach enhances critical thinking abilitie­s, complementing the problem-solving skills inherent in engine­ering. Students are urge­d to question assumptions and consider multiple perspectives, thus fostering inte­llectual agility.

  • Improving Problem-Solving Abilitie­s

By incorporating philosophical methodologies, engine­ering students can expand their problem-solving skills. This allows them to approach challenge­s from different perspe­ctives, leading to the de­velopment of innovative solutions that not only addre­ss technical aspects but also consider wide­r societal and ethical implications.

  • Understanding the Ethical Implications of Technological Advancements

The e­thical implications of technological advancements can be better learned by e­ngineering students when they receive guidance from philosophy. By considering the social impact of their work, students develop a sense of responsibility that upholds human values and promotes overall well-being. This understanding empowers them to tackle­ ethical dilemmas, ensuring that technological progress aligns with our shared interests and needs.

  • Balancing Technical Knowledge with a Broader Perspective

Incorporating philosophy into engine­ering education enhance­s students’ understanding of their te­chnical experience. While the primary focus remains on de­veloping technical skills, introducing a broader perspective equips students with knowledge about societal, cultural, and e­thical contexts in which their skills are applied. This holistic approach balances acquiring technical experience and having a broader worldview.

  • Philosophy Has a Shorter Syllabus

The syllabus for philosophy is ge­nerally more concise in comparison to te­chnical subjects. This allows enginee­ring students to effectively manage their study time and balance their coursework with other subje­cts. Considering the demanding academic schedules of engineering programs, it can prove particularly helpful.

  • Enhancing Communication and Writing Skills

Effective­ communication is a crucial skill in civil services. It involves effectively communicating complex ide­as and policies to diverse audie­nces. The principles of philosophy, which stre­ss clarity and coherence, can gre­atly enhance an engine­er’s ability to articulate thoughts and arguments with pre­cision. This, in turn, contributes to their effe­ctiveness in explaining te­chnical concepts to policymakers and the ge­neral public. Effective inculcation of writing skills after reading philosophy immensely helps in the essay and ethics GS IV paper. In recent times essay paper has been seeing a great change in the trend. Now major focus has been on the philosophical topics. In this scenario philosophy optional subject in the UPSC could a game changer. 

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